“So you decided to celebrate YOUR birthday with a bang? Maybe it’s a milestone so you want to go all out. You chose the venue, the deejay, the décor, the menu but you forgot to include the first step – the budget. Then reality sets in. You see the costs adding up and you decide that you’ll just charge your guests right? Wrong on so many levels. Bluntly stated, it’s tacky!

Unless you are a promoter and you organize ticketed events as a business, you should NOT charge your guests to celebrate a private event with you. The rule of thumb is if you can’t afford to host the event in its ENTIRETY then you should consider an alternative that is within your budget.

When hosting formal events such as an organized dinner party in your honor, you are expected to foot the bill. The same holds true for events you host for a family member. For informal events such as impromptu meet ups for dinner with friends, events held at a bar or lounge where guests will be coming and going, or even a planned couples date night, the attendees are expected to pay for themselves. Actually, traditional etiquette says that the total bill should be split among the attendees regardless of who ordered what. However, in more casual situations where you may be with coworkers (who are not close friends), it is permissible to pay your portion since you may not want to cover the many alcoholic drinks that you didn’t order.

So why does this matter? It matters because you want to exercise proper etiquette and class at all times (at least that should be the goal). Your close friends and family may generally “go with the flow” of what you choose to do for your special occasion; however, your other guests should not be used as a piggy bank for your celebrations.

Chique Wind Up…

It’s perfectly fine if you need to host a smaller scale event at home that’s within your budget. House parties are a great way to connect for any occasion. Just remember that when you want to host a more formal celebration, start with budgeting and saving. Also, be sure to reserve a budget for an Event Planner to keep you on the right etiquette track.

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