Event during a pandemic, we continue to network and connect within the events industry.  Meet PriscillaM Beauty.  I recently sat down with owner and beauty extraordinaire, Priscilla Molina, on a virtual chat.  Priscilla is the Founder & Make-Up Artist who expanded her business from a part-time venture to a full-time high demand beauty business.  Here’s how it went.


What makes you or your business stand out and why should a couple hire you?

Overall our portfolio is diverse which stands out among many other make-up artists. We do makeup for all types of women from all types of backgrounds. We bring a luxury experience and customer service is a top priority for me.  Also our attention to detail, the way we treat our clients (like a friend),  and our concern about how they feel.  We want them to be happy and satisfied.

How did you get into the industry?

I kind of fell into it. It wasn’t something that I planned for and was supposed to be part-time since I was a stay-at-home mom. Then my clientele grew, I fell in love with it, and it evolved into full-time beauty make-up and hair company with a team of 17.

How long have you been in the industry?

I’ve been in the industry since 2015 – five years.

How would you describe your working style?

I am fun and loving.

What’s unique that separates you from your competitors?

What’s unique is who I am as a person and that no one can be me. Everyone brings something unique to a company based on their personality and who they are as a person.

Be YOUR own kind of BEAUTIFUL! ‘ 


What do you love most about your job?

I love being able to help women feel beautiful from the inside and out.

What’s a unique request you’ve received from a client?

For a bridal party, I was asked to do a gothic look for a bride.

What other services do you offer?

I also offer airbrush makeup and hairstyling.

Based on your experience, how far in advance should bookings take place?

I would say as soon as they can because they wouldn’t want their day to be booked. I book brides as far as a year in advance.

What trends are you seeing with client requests or in your industry?

Right now the trends are very natural beauty makeup – very glowy natural and minimal makeup look. With hair, very clean or BoHo Chic styles.

During the pandemic, what services are still being offered or what services have been expanded?

We’ve been offering online zoom group make-up lessons.

While home during the pandemic, it’s a great time to take a virtual make-up lesson. 

Contact PriscillaM Beauty at 240-751-5175 or you can find them on social media.