After the Fyre Festival, do you now know why an Event Planner is crucial??? If you’re not familiar with the Fyre Festival, it made major headlines as the hugely advertised music festival in the Bahamas. Imagine being near the beautiful blue water, feeling the summer breeze, and sipping on your favorite island cocktail while listening to Blink-182 or Disclosure. Sounds like a great idea but it never happened. 

I binge-watched Netflix and came across the Fyre Festival documentary. I was intrigued so I said I’d give it a few minutes before I get bored and flip to another movie. A few minutes turned into barely taking my eyes off the television screen! I was in shock and awe as I watched this event host and his team of non-event planners throw this event together in less than two months. Based on how it was marketed (it was to feature celebrity entertainment and guests), this event needed a minimum of a year (actually longer) of serious planning and coordination.

Aside from the dishonest and criminal activities of the event’s co-founders, the main reason the event flopped was lack of event planning and coordination. The planning timeframe was too short, venue wasn’t secured and was too far for the 500+guests (location, location, location!), no hotel accommodations were available for the guests, no consideration was made for food and beverage and restaurant proximity, there were no local transportation options, and the list goes no and on. As I watched this sinking ship until it was under water, I concluded from this disaster that all roads led back to the lack of proper event planning (and of course honest intentions).

So why does this matter? It matters because failing to plan is the same as planning to fail. Whether it’s a party, wedding, or a music festival – a good Event Planner with strategic thinking skills is essential. Event Planners pay attention to the details and provide organizational, critical thinking, communication, and coordination skills – all which are needed to avoid potential disasters.

Chique Wind Up… Not every host is an Event Planner. It’s fine if you host a small event at home or an occasional party but when you want to take it up a notch, you also need to take your event planning up a notch by hiring a professional. Your memories are priceless so it’s well worth the investment!

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“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” ― Benjamin Franklin

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